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We all are aware of the age old proverb PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. Immunization practices is a true tribute to the proverb.

A successful immunization program is of particular relevance to India as the country contributes to one-fifth of global under five mortality with a significant number of death attributable to vaccine preventable disease.

Immunization is a proven tool for controlling and eradicating disease. Immunization is a dynamic subject and recommendation may need to be revised periodically based on available information.

Advisory committee on vaccines and Immunization practices (ACVIP) of Indian Academy of Pediatric (IAP) regularly draft evidence-based guidelines on Pediatric Immunization to be followed by practicing Pediatrician.

We at our Centre follow the guidelines laid down by our parent organization Indian Academy of Pediatrics in the best interest of the child. Attached here with is the latest recommendation for your reference.